LACTO-5® Products without Vcaps Logo

26 March 2014

Dear Loyal Customers,

Re: LACTO-5® Products without Vcaps Logo

You may have noticed that your recent purchase of LACTO-5® does not have the Vcaps logo appearing on the capsules. Rest assured that these are of identical specifications, origin, and quality with existing LACTO-5® capsules bearing the logo. This minor visual difference is due to an upgrading of the capsulation factory being done by our vegetable capsules supplier in the USA.

We would also like to inform you that only products belonging to the following batches are affected by the temporal change:

Batch numbers:

  • LT540101C
  • LT540201C
  • LT540202C
  • LT540203C
  • LT540204C
  • LT540205C
  • LT540206C

We have also taken the initiative to release the certificate of analysis for the vegetable capsules used in the affected LACTO-5® batches listed above for your peace of mind. You may access the document by clicking here.

We take the quality of each LACTO-5® capsule very seriously because only you, the customer, deserve products with the highest standard.

We thank you for your continued loyalty and confidence in LACTO-5®.

Yours faithfully,
LACTO-5® Team