Locally Derived Probiotics

Protect our gut in 5 ways:

Local strains probiotics

The friendly bacteria found in LACTO-5® is derived from Malaysian sources in collaboration with Melaka Biotechnology Corporation.

Locked-in spores

Spore-forming friendly bacteria grows a protective layer to keep themselves dormant until they reach your intestines. It will survive in our harsh stomach acids until they reach our gut to begin to colonize and provide optimum protection!

Logical formula

A synergistic combination of 5 local strains for optimum intestine health. There are 5 types of friendly bacteria strains:

Lactobacillus acidophilus
Bacillus subtillis
Lactobacillus rhamnosus
Bifidobacterium longum
Streptococcus thermophilus

Live friendly bacteria of up to 10 billion

To provide optimum protection everyday!


Allows friendly bacteria to survive without refrigeration.

3 Health Benefits of Probiotics

Improves digestion1

Helps reduce indigestion and prevent bloating after meals.

Probiotics help to digest certain type of carbohydrate like starches, fiber, oligosaccharides, and sugars that our body failed to digest and absorb, like lactose (in the case of lactose intolerance) and sugar alcohols.

Strengthens our body2

Travel, stress, and changes in diet are just a few of the many ways your digestive balance can be disrupted.

Enhances mineral absorption1

Probiotics help improve the absorption of minerals such as calcium, magnesium and phosphorus in our body.

Why spore-forming bacteria?

Spore-forming bacteria grow a protective layer to keep themselves dormant but alive until they reach your intestines. Upon contact with water and nutrients, the spore-forming bacteria open up, where it can grow and flourish to maintain a well-balanced intestinal microflora.

The intestinal flora builds a natural defense barrier to prevent intruders such as bacteria, toxins, antigens and pollutants from penetrating into our body. The 100% survival rate of these spore-forming bacteria are unparalleled 3. This means the friendly bacteria will survive the harsh stomach acids, bringing all the benefits to our intestines.

Friendly bacteria live in our intestines on the food we take and do many good things for us. Our bacteria are unique to us. They have adapted to our diets, water and weather. All these are unique. Our diet is high in chili and spice. Our water contains both chlorine and fluorine.

Locally derived probiotics have better adaptation to our gastro-intestinal tract, local diet and water.

Make LACTO-5® A Part of Your Life


Children / Adult - 1 vegicap daily, after meal

Treatment purposes

Diarrhoea / Indigestion / Constipation / After antibiotic course - 2 vegicaps 2 times daily, after meals for two weeks


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