Home Remedy for Gastritis Relief

Take raw potato juice and honey. This formula works like a charm. Many people have benefited immensely from this.

1) Prepare a glass of raw potato juice. The juice must be pure nothing added. Remove the pulp by straining, which would leave you with a runny liquid.

2) Add a teaspoon of pure honey. Honey is very healing. Before the discovery of antibiotics, doctors in Europe used to treat even gunshot wounds with honey!

3) Drink concoction fresh last thing at night.

4) Let it line your stomach walls through the night.

5) Repeat this for a few continuos nights.

6) If this does not work, try with cabbage juice instead. A UCLA trial showed this to be as effective as the acid blocking drug - cemitidine.

You should be able to see dramatic improvement in just seven days. One reader in Johor was able to go of his gastric medication that he was on for years in just 10 days!