Five Steps to a Healthy Gut

Five Steps to a Healthy Intestine

Follow these five simple steps to begin rebalancing your intestine flora.

1. Eat a fibre-rich, fresh whole foods diet.
It should be rich in beans, nuts, seeds, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables all of which feed good bugs. When you eat them fresh and uncooked, they also come with bugs mostly good from the soil.

If you do take some of the bad bugs, the good guys will take care of them and in the process get smarter and stronger. You become resilient as a result.

2. Limit sugar, processed foods, animal fats and animal protein
These foods provide food for bad bacteria.

3. Avoid the use of antibiotics, acid blockers and anti-inflammatory drugs
They change intestine flora for the worse. Avoid meat that is tainted with antibiotics. Most commercial meat is exposed to antibiotics that are used to reduce infection and are growth promoters.

4. Take probiotics daily.
These are healthy, friendly flora that can improve your digestive health and reduce inflammation and allergy. By being in your intestine in large numbers, they compete with the bad bacteria for space and food. Scientists call this competitive inhibition.

5. Local probiotics
Until about 30 or 40 years ago, all our probiotics came from local environment from the birth canals of our mothers, their nipples as we suckled, the local foods we eat and the dirt and soil that we inadvertently put into our mouths. The bacteria that lived with in our intestines adapted to our food, drink and environment.

Refrigeration, modern manufacturing and aviation changed all that. Now we take bacteria that come from Europe, America and Japan that are totally unsuited to our food, drink and environment. They also may not interact well with our bacteria in our intestine good and bad. As such, they simply do not thrive in our intestine. Some of the worlds experts in the area of probiotics say taking local probiotics is best. They are better suited to the food we eat everyday.