History of life

Most Important Story of Your Life

When you growing in your mother’s womb for over 9 months and, there was not a single probiotic/ bacterium inside you.

You were completed sterilized until moment before birth.

The first probiotics that you ever took was swallowing the fluids in your mother’s birth canal.

Amazingly, your next probiotics came from her nipples even before you drank your first milk.

Not a single probiotic/bacterium inside you

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These bacterial rapidly colonized your upper and lower gut. They went to work immediately to help you digest and absorb your first milk and all your other meals.

They help to produce many vitamin and other nutrients that you need for your growth. They also helped boost your immune system and keep the ‘bad’ bacteria at bay. Nature has evolved like this to give you the best opportunity for life. The “alive” your good bacteria, the more healthy you will be.

Produce many vitamin that you need for your growth

21 Amazing Fact About Probiotics

Probiotics In Our Body’s Weight Are More than Our Brain Weight…

Most Important Probiotic Facts

We eat food different from what is consumed in countries….

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